Adata pv150 10000 mah Powerbank India unboxing and review

I started traveling again after long. It was good traveling again, exploring new faces and places. Meeting new people and cultures. New food and drinks. Everything seems good with traveling again except my phone started eating more battery and started crying hugry more often. I generally prefer to travel light and simple. So I pack very minimal things and try to keep the back pack as light as possible. My phone assist me with all the photography, internet connectivity, social media and music player works all in one. Os that i can avoid carrying a bunch of electronics devices and chargers. Eventhough the smartphone concept is to carry out all the aforementioned tasks, the battery always stayed as a downside. A powerful phone always need more power to work. So I ended up with buying a ADATA pv 150 10000 mah powerbank. In fact, there was no specific reason to buy this particular one. Got a killer offer online, so decided buying it. If you are looking for a powerbank that suits you, foll…

How redirecting subsidies can save the world

The world is in chaos. Undoubtedly we can say that our world is in chaos. We humans almost destroyed the world by digging all carbon out and burning it. The world took millions of years to get all the carbon deposited in different forms. We humans invented that burning fuels can run engines and engines can run economies. This started a whole new part in the carbon cycle, the carbon contribution by human. This involves all burning of fuel from coal to oil to many other forms of carbon. This interrupted the whole carbon cycle and eventually this disturbed carbon cycle started affecting the existence of out world. This disturbed carbon cycle caused climate change. climate change killed species across the world. Climate change causes natural disasters. Our very life is under threat. If we are not stopping this fossil fuel based lifestyle and adapt into a more sustainable one, we are in danger. We are moving swiftly towards wiping off life from planet earth. Strangely governments across t…

Why Royal Enfield Himalayan is worlds most practical adventure tourer

Royal Enfield India recently unveiled the 2017 bharath 4 version Himalayan. The launch was due to the discontinuation of older bharath stage 3 vehicles from indian Market. As the company ever did before, the Himalayan came creating a new segment of motorcycles in the Indian market.
Why Royal Enfield Himalayan ?
Unlike many other countries, indian automobile market offers no options for an adventure tourer than the underpowered hero impulse (Hero recently terminated sales of this bike). Indian enthusiasts  used to custom build their bike for a bit of off-road adventures. As Sidhartha Lal - head of royal Enfield stated in his blog post about Himalayan, the available foreign made adventure tour bikes are still not that practical for use in real life Indian road conditions.

I appreciate the effort they spent on designing and developing a bike from the scratch based upon the brainwave he's got while stuck in between one of his Himalayan explorations.

As per the design team, the bike i…

Helium - A flying high new year

With the Aam Aadmi’s finally seeing a ray of hope for the better, as also HR consultants across our state confirming a hike in pay and man-power, and with Uday Chopra finally being declared as the most-eligible-flitwick in our country India seems to have definitely stepped into the year 2014 with its best leg forward. The year seems to have started off pretty well for our former-partyhead protagonists, WassailerBuddies, as well. With the success of their New Year’s Eve Event hosted on a hilltop, they are absolutely thrilled and already in plans for their next gig. For those who are unaware of who these insane insomniacs are, let me reiterate their
cause. These party-freakers believe in World Peace and also say that any soul on this planet can be brought close to their inner self with Muzik and Love. This band of 3 Software engineers and an upcoming promising DJ have
created quite a deep impression on their ‘MuzikalFraternity’ brethren by setting one of the longest party in the history…

Helium - Best option among New year parties in an around Kochi

New Year is around the corner and everyone in Cochin is looking out for the best party-spots to make the Eve’s night as memorable as possible. If you are in Bangalore/Delhi or God-loved-Goa you would be probably over-loaded with all the possible options to revel away. With the oncoming of many new clubs in Cochin recently, the party scenes would'nt be very sober here as well. We have clubs like Dreams, Ramada, Fern and Mermaid, where couples are given a grand welcome, provided they are willing to lighten their wallet by an above-the-average-proportion. Then again if you are a married couple or somebody who enjoys light peaceful numbers sung by pleasing, melodious voices, you could still celebrate this amazing night at various event nights, such as Jalsa or Dhinka-chika. But going by the current trend of new generation movies, and the massive numbers attending EDM festivals like Sunburn, EVC, NH7 Weekender, etc. around various corners of our Incredible state, we feel that our '…

Mathrubhumi news : Watch new malayalam news channel online

To watch the popular daily's news channel, follow official link
here is another link if you feel official link is not that smooth.

Woman Safety smartphone applications - Safety for women after Delhi Rape

This post about women safety is being updated as the list of top woman safety apps are being updated everyday. we are reviewing those apps in real time scenarios, and we'll be back with an updated list soon.