Ampere Zeal electric scooter

Ampere Zeal is a mid range electric scooter from India's Coimbatore based Ampere electric. Ampere is present in the market for quite a while from when the electric scooter Industry started its baby steps in India. Ampere electric is backed by Greeves cotton a pioneer in Indian Industry.

Ampere Zeal is a mid range, Mid priced electric scooter which belongs to the high speed category of India's electric vehicle regulations. The BLDC hub motor of ampere zeal is of 1200w and a 60v 30AH battery powers zeal from the inside. The most convenient feature of this electric scooter is that the battery is removable and it comes with a portable charger.

Ampere electric claims a range of 75 km on a single charge with a top speed of 55 KMPH to 58 KMPH. As I am writing this post, I have used Ampere electric zeal for about 6 months for daily office commute and it is quite a convenient scooter for an office going person like me, or anyone who used a scooter for their short travels. the longest I have traveled in this scooter is about 40 km up and down and for a 6 foot tall person the ride was quite comfortable. A video review can be found in this link.

Ampere electric is planning to open 5000 charging stations across India soon. This particular model is not dependable in charging stations as it features a portable removable battery. You are privileged to charge it anywhere you find a 15A power plug(Your washing machine, Iron box, Microwave over works in power plugs like this. as simple as that). Read more about Ampere Zeal from the company page here