Kridn electric Motorcycle by One electric launched in India

 India is the largest electric two wheeler market in the world. Indian two wheeler manufacturers are in fact ruling the global two wheeler market. KTMs, Some BMWs, All of Royal Enfields, Husqvarnas, and Suzukis are manufactured in India. Despite the fact that Indian made bikes are getting exported to many parts of the world. They make a huge profit by selling their products in the home market of India too. 

Well, currently we cannot be that proud of the electric motorcycle market because even though there are lot of electric two wheeler companies in Indian market, most of them are off the shelf CKD kits imported from China and assembled in India. Yeah, that's why you see many brand names in ridiculously similar looking electric scooters.

One electric literally put a smile on my face when they recently launched their production version of their first electric motorcycle to the Indian market. Firstly, the bike looked like a common mans bike while most of the electric vehicle currently in the market looks like a toy. yet, they are proudly making a statement in their site by exposing that most of their parts are manufactured and sourced locally from India. glad to see that finally an Indian company has made a sensible choice in making an electric two wheeler. It looks similar to the CD dawn/CT 100/Crux/CD deluxe bikes which are ruling the Indian market. With a slight touch of cosmetic changes, this bike can look like the most sexiest cafe racer in the market.

One electric Kridn - about the Bike

Kridn means to play in Sanskrit. One electric claims that this motorcycle is all fun to ride with its silent operation, wide tires, easy controls and most of all the raw torque provided by its electric drive train.

Kridn - electric motorcycle technical specification

Top Speed: 95 Kmph

Range per charge: 110+ Km in eco mode, 80 Km normal drive mode.
Acceleration: 0 to 60 Kmph in 8 seconds.
Torque: 160+
Motor: Rear Hub motor with 5.5 Kw peek power.
Battery pack: Lithium ion, 3 KWh
Brakes: Combi Brake system, Front and rear hydraulic disc break.
Suspension: Front - Hydraulic telescopic, Rear Hydraulic.
Console:Digital meters with Optional GPS app connect:
Lights: LED head, tail and tell tale lights. Daylight running lights.

With 80% of Indian components, One electric Kridn will hit the Indian roads early 2021. Now the bike is undergoing homologation, certification and approval processes before the first batch of production. The pricing would be around 1.25 Lakhs for the top variant and around 100000 INR for the base variants.
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