Getting ARAI approval for electric bike which is more than 250W | India electric bike - motorcycle

In India, it is allowed to use any electric bike with a motor which is powered by a motor which is less than 250 watt in power without any registration, insurance, road tax as I am writing this article.

Electric scooter
Image by Thomas B. from Pixabay
Whereas, All the electric motorcycles with power more than 250 watts are required to be registered in India. registration is done in a customer stand point. If you are an electric vehicle manufacturer or if you are a person who is planning to start an electric vehicle business, following are the steps to be followed to get your electric two wheeler, electric scooter or electric motorcycle to get certified by authorities so that you can sell it in market legally.

Step 1:

Find out which category is your vehicle. Whether it is less than or equal to 250W or Higher than that.
if your electric two wheeler is powered by less than 250w there is no approval required for the vehicle as of now. Its like any other electric device but the speed and the capacity would be limited for lot of practical purposes.

Step 2;

Now that you figured out that your technical specification exceeds the category 1. ie your electric vehicle is powered more than 250W. Your vehicle needs to undergo all the specifications suggested by the CMVR Type Approval for India and that includes tests like breaking ability, Gradeability, acceleration, etc again depends on your vehicles type. Refer to the government notification for identifying the detailed requirements.

Also, It needs to be tested and certified by a Notified body like ARAI or ICAT or any other approved authority as per AIS 123 standard. This set of tests includes EMI/EMC tests, electrical safety tests etc. It is recommended to use a certified off the shelf battery and charger in case if you need to avoid tests for those items.

We will update this article with more information as we refer more into the aforementioned documents. Comment if you know more about this subject and comment if you want to ask anything to us. We are in touch with experts in this arena and we will try to resolve all the queries.