Komaki XGT classic - Electric motorcycle in India launched with a classic style

 Komaki electric division recently announced their classic style electric motorcycle in India. The motorcycle is called XGT classic and as the name suggests it comes with a classic looks. the motorcycle claims to be of a low speed two wheeler EV. As per the current rules in India, low speed electric vehicles does not require registration, insurance etc. Some parts of India, it doesn't require a license or you dont have to wear a helmet to use these vehicle on road.

Technical specifications of Komaki XGT classic electric bike

  • Rated Power 1000 Watts
  • Rated Peak Power 1500 Watts
  • 2.1 Kwh of Lithium Ion detachable battery pack
  • Controller Voltage : 60 V and 72 V
  • Braking System : Front and Rear Disk Brakes
  • ICAT approved
  • No license, Registration, Insurance, tax required as of today's rule.
Delivers 0.20 rupee per KM of fuel economy, Zero Pollution, Noise Less operation offers unmatchable comfort.

This motorcycle uses a BLDC hub motor of 1500w power. As you might be already aware, hub motor based electric vehicles comes with the advantages of no moving parts. This makes the bike into a virtually zero maintenance cost vehicle. the only cost occur to you for day to day use is only the electricity used for charge. long term service would only involve only things like changing tires, break fluid cleaning electric connections etc. No pain points like your old petrol bike.

Komaki XGT classic is available in amazon for buying online. You can click here it buy it there

Almost 80% of the electric vehicles launched so far in India is scooters. Even though scooters come with their own advantages for short rides, There is a big space of a motorcycle vacant in the Indian electric vehicle mass market.

Riding a motorcycle is often associated with a feel. lets see if Komaki XGT classic an provide that so called motorcycle feel or even a better feel considering its hassle free noise free electric drive train.

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