Oneplus NORD | Oneplus is back to the affordable flagship phone space

When Oneplus launched its Oneplus One, it was a decently priced android phone with a load of features and quality which was all set to compete with the then smartphone market leader, Apples Iphone.

Oneplus one did well in the market because it followed the most advanced yet affordable design theme. I personally believe that whenever useful technology is invented it should be available in an affordable price so that the whole mankind will be benefited with it. Thanks to android, now most of the world population is having a high power computer with rich media/graphics processing features as well as powerful network features in their pockets. Oneplus made the android dream more practical. Their camera was good, image processing was very good, their charging technology enabled smartphones to be truly wireless most of the time(My then smartphone was having a poor battery performance that you could find me near to a power socket using my phone while I charge it.)

Later on, One plus came with flagship killer phones back to back. One thing they forgot along the way of bettering their devices is to keep the pricetag in the affordable range. Even though the Oneplus 8 is loaded with technology, it is quite a costly phone for the common people.

Oneplus NORD is the first step of getting back to where Oneplus started. It is an affordable version of their latest technology packed into a practical smartphone package. Cool Oneplus features like the crisp and clear camera(Oneplus says it is the same sensor from the Oneplus 8), Processing power, Warp Charging technology, 90 Hz Display, The latest Oxygen OS and so on.

To read more about Oneplus NORD and learn the technical specification and current price, click here.