About Machine tools and List of machine tool companies In India

A machine tool is a machine for machining metal or work materials, usually by either of the following processes - cutting, boring, grinding, shearing. Machine tools employ some type of of tool that does the cutting or shaping of the work material.
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To contact Indian Machine tool association, You can click here. Read on to see the list of Machine tool manufacturers.

All machine tools have a way of constraining the work piece and provide a guided movement of the parts of the machine. Thus the relative movement between the work piece and the cutting tool is controlled by the machine. Fully or up to at least some extent, rather than being entirely by hand. Machine tool is a power driven metal shaping machine which assists in managing the needed motion between cutting tool and the job that changes the size and shape of the job material as per the requirement. Drills, Presses, Lathes, CNC Machines are common example of a machine tool. Machine tools are also called as mother machines because all machines are formed using one or more of machine tools. Machine tools are an integral part of growth of any economy.

Hereby We are listing a large list of machine tool manufacturers in India and we will dedicate a post for each machine tool manufacturer with information about the location, products and we will even provide on demand contact details after validating your request.

Giving below the list of Indian Manufacturers of Machine tools.

  1. Span Associates
  2. Sparkonix India Pvt Ltd.
  3. Spectra tools
  4. Speedfam(India) Pvt Ltd.
  5. Sphoorti Machine tools Pvt Ltd.
  6. SPM Tools
  7. Square engineering works
  8. SRB machines Pvt. Ltd. 
  9. SriYantra Engineers Pvt Ltd.
  10. Stanley machine tools
  11. Starrag India Pvt Ltd.
  12. State Engineering Corporation
  13. Steel-Smith
  14. Stuser Tools Pvt Ltd.
  15. Suhner India Pvt Ltd.
  16. Sunita Engineering Corporation
  17. Sunraj Industries
  18. Suntech Landriani Machine tools Pvt Ltd.
  19. Surhenning Pvt Ltd.
  20. Suresh Indu Lasers Pvt. Ltd.
  21. Suyash Preci-lap Aids
  22. Swastik engineering P Ltd
  23. System controls technology solutions Pvt Ltd.
  24. tegutec India Ltd.
  25. TAL Manufacturing solutions
  26. Tasa Micro SPM Pvt Ltd.
  27. Techmech handling equipment
  28. Technocrafts Alliance Engineering Pvt Ltd.
  29. TekCel Automation ltd. Tekcel Engineering
  30. Teknic Euchner Electronics Pvt Ltd.
  31. Teknomec
  32. Tespa Tools Pvt Ltd.
  33. The New ball bearing co.
  34. THk India Pvt Ltd
  35. TMC measuring Instruments Pvt Ltd.
  36. Tool Gringing technologies Inc.
  37. ToolCraft systems Pvt Ltd.
  38. Tools and appliances Corporation
  39. Toshiba machine (Chennai) Pvt Ltd.
  40. Toyoda Micromatic Machinery India Pvt. Ltd
  41. Trishul Machine tools Pvt. Ltd.
  42. Trumpf India Pvt. Ltd.
  43. Tsi Power Pvt Ltd. 
  44. Tsugami Precision Engineering India Pvt Ltd. 
  45. Tungaloy India Pvt Ltd.
  46. Turnmax Machine tools
  47. Tussor machine tools india Pvt Ltd.
  48. UB special machine tools
  49. UCAm Pvt Ltd.
  50. Unipunch Toolings Pvt Ltd.
  51. Unique Instruments and Mfrs Pvt Ltd.
  52. Unique Saws & Machinery Pvt Ltd.
  53. Unity Controls Pvt Ltd.
  54. Unity Gauge tools co Pvt Ltd. 
  55. Universal Engg & manufacturing Industry
  56. Universal Precision Tools
  57. Uptech Engineering
  58. Utech Associates
  59. Velijan Denison Limited
  60. Vigel manufacturing Technologies
  61. Vijay Engineering
  62. Vora Industries
  63. VP Industries
  64. Vpi Innovative solutions
  65. VT tools Pvt Ltd.
  66. Walter tools Pvt Ltd.
  67. Weldor Engineering pvt Ltd.
  68. Wendt(India) Pvt Ltd.
  69. Wickman machine tools India Ltd. 
  70. Windsor machines Ltd.
  71. Wohlhaupter India Pvt Ltd.
  72. Xceed toolings Pvt. Ltd
  73. Yamazaki mazak India Pvt Ltd. 
  74. Yamazen Machinery tools India Pvt Ltd. 
  75. YanTrang Precise
  76. Yeshwant Industries
  77. YG Cutting Tools corporation Pvt Ltd.
  78. Yogeshwar Engineering Pvt Ltd.
  79. Yuken India Ltd.
  80. Zavenir Daubert India Pvt Ltd.
  81. I Logicon Control Automation Private Limited
  82. Madox Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  83. Symbiotic Automation Systems (P) LTD.
  84. B&R Industrial Automation Pvt. Ltd.
  85. Trendio Automation
  86. Strategi Automation
  87. Renovus Vision Automation Pvt. Ltd.
  88. Flexible Automation Systems Pvt Ltd
  89. Green Automation Systems
  90. Mactus Automation Pvt. Ltd
  91. Adarsha Control Systems Pvt Ltd
  92. Elektromac Power And Automation Solutions
  93. Thasmai Automation Pvt Ltd
  94. Pentagon Systems & Automation 
  95. SUPINCO Automation Pvt Ltd 
  96. ICON Design Automation Pvt. Ltd.
  97. ESA Software & Automation India Pvt. Ltd
  98. Fortius Automation Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  100. PEnA (Power Engineering and Automation (P) Limited)
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  1. Hello! As a Machine Tool Manufacturer in India (not listed by you), I was curious to know what is the actual list of products taken for this list. Have you classified all products under HSN code? There are manufacturers on this list who do not make machine tools. As an example: VRL AUTOMATION ENGINEERING AND PROJECTS PVT LTD, from what I see on their website, does not make machine tools.

    Jayashree Mani
    Vice Chairperson
    Guindy Machine Tools Ltd.,
    Chennai India


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