How redirecting subsidies can save the world

The world is in chaos. Undoubtedly we can say that our world is in chaos. We humans almost destroyed the world by digging all carbon out and burning it. The world took millions of years to get all the carbon deposited in different forms. We humans invented that burning fuels can run engines and engines can run economies. This started a whole new part in the carbon cycle, the carbon contribution by human. This involves all burning of fuel from coal to oil to many other forms of carbon. This interrupted the whole carbon cycle and eventually this disturbed carbon cycle started affecting the existence of out world. This disturbed carbon cycle caused climate change. climate change killed species across the world. Climate change causes natural disasters. Our very life is under threat. If we are not stopping this fossil fuel based lifestyle and adapt into a more sustainable one, we are in danger. We are moving swiftly towards wiping off life from planet earth. Strangely governments across the world is subsidizing this dangerous lifestyle. This article briefly discuss about how redirecting subsidies can save our planet.
You can save the world by saying no to Fossils fuels

In India, everything is subsidized. We get Kerosene in subsidy, we get subsidized food, we get subsidized petroleum products and subsidized electricity. Recently the government started  a campaign to give up subsidy on fuels such as petrol, LPG and ration on evceryday things. I was very happy to see this because cutting down the subsidy for economically stable crowd will eventually turn into a reduced careful consumption, and this inturn results in a reduced carbon emition. Undoubtedly a good move. But this is not enough to reduce emitions. We should instead start subsidizing clean, renewable energy. There are already plans which subsidizes solar energy. Nearly half of the installation cost of solar poerpants in our home/ office will be taken care by governement. This sounds very good. But n my opinion, our government is yet to tap into a more important area, the electric vehicles. The subsidy for diesel should be reduced for passenger vehicles and this amount should be redirected for subsidizing electric vehicle usage. Would you believe if I say our own electric car reva is running in Bengaluru as a mass production car even before tesla is born? The mother company had to sell the production unit to Mahindra, the current owner of Reva electric vehicles because of mixed reasons. There is a practical electric bike fro torque also is all ready to hit the market. Customers are hesitant to buy these desi clean energy vehicles because of their comparetively high price tag. If we redirect diesel subsidy to electric vehicle manufacturing, Many of customers who buy a basic city car, a commuter bike to reach office and back will consider buying Torque or revainstead of Marutis and Heros. We badly need this change before the planet is ruined to a unrecorable level. We badly need this change before our children suffocate from the bad air quality. We desperately need htis change to save our coming generations from premature death and lung cancer.

As a wise person once said, "Change is you" start campaigning your friends and family to reduce carbon emissions in all possible ways. Instead of buying a diesel variant of your new luxury sedan, consider buying a hybrid. Avoid using the car if you are going out alone so that you can reduce the traffic jam by one big car at a time. Make use of public transpoert the maximum. Use solar energy t power your home because majority of sources of electricity are powered by either coal or atomic energy. Both kills our planet. Remember fukushima is still reacting.


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