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Why Royal Enfield Himalayan is worlds most practical adventure tourer

Royal Enfield India recently unveiled the 2017 bharath 4 version Himalayan. The launch was due to the discontinuation of older bharath stage 3 vehicles from indian Market. As the company ever did before, the Himalayan came creating a new segment of motorcycles in the Indian market.
Why Royal Enfield Himalayan ?
Unlike many other countries, indian automobile market offers no options for an adventure tourer than the underpowered hero impulse (Hero recently terminated sales of this bike). Indian enthusiasts  used to custom build their bike for a bit of off-road adventures. As Sidhartha Lal - head of royal Enfield stated in his blog post about Himalayan, the available foreign made adventure tour bikes are still not that practical for use in real life Indian road conditions.

I appreciate the effort they spent on designing and developing a bike from the scratch based upon the brainwave he's got while stuck in between one of his Himalayan explorations.

As per the design team, the bike i…