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Helium - A flying high new year

With the Aam Aadmi’s finally seeing a ray of hope for the better, as also HR consultants across our state confirming a hike in pay and man-power, and with Uday Chopra finally being declared as the most-eligible-flitwick in our country India seems to have definitely stepped into the year 2014 with its best leg forward. The year seems to have started off pretty well for our former-partyhead protagonists, WassailerBuddies, as well. With the success of their New Year’s Eve Event hosted on a hilltop, they are absolutely thrilled and already in plans for their next gig. For those who are unaware of who these insane insomniacs are, let me reiterate their
cause. These party-freakers believe in World Peace and also say that any soul on this planet can be brought close to their inner self with Muzik and Love. This band of 3 Software engineers and an upcoming promising DJ have
created quite a deep impression on their ‘MuzikalFraternity’ brethren by setting one of the longest party in the history…