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Helium - Best option among New year parties in an around Kochi

New Year is around the corner and everyone in Cochin is looking out for the best party-spots to make the Eve’s night as memorable as possible. If you are in Bangalore/Delhi or God-loved-Goa you would be probably over-loaded with all the possible options to revel away. With the oncoming of many new clubs in Cochin recently, the party scenes would'nt be very sober here as well. We have clubs like Dreams, Ramada, Fern and Mermaid, where couples are given a grand welcome, provided they are willing to lighten their wallet by an above-the-average-proportion. Then again if you are a married couple or somebody who enjoys light peaceful numbers sung by pleasing, melodious voices, you could still celebrate this amazing night at various event nights, such as Jalsa or Dhinka-chika. But going by the current trend of new generation movies, and the massive numbers attending EDM festivals like Sunburn, EVC, NH7 Weekender, etc. around various corners of our Incredible state, we feel that our '…