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Malayala Manorama Android App, read Malayalam In android Devices

I was searching for a solution to read malayala manorama daily, one of India's largest circulated daily newspaper. There was newshunt and several other apps, but I could not find a solution for reading malayala manorama right in my android native browser. Recently Malayala Manorama rolled out their own android app to read the online edition in your android phone. Here is the link to Download Manorama Android app
To read other malayalam sites in android there is a fine way, open your opera mini web browser and type config: in a fresh tab you will be guided to the configuration menu.
Change entry for ‘Use bitmap fonts for complex
scripts’ to ‘Yes’. Now you can read all unicode Malayalam websites(except atomic chillu characters) from your mobile phone.

[Update] Read this post about how to read Malayalam in  Android native browser

Railway ticket booking abreviations RAC,WL,RLWL,PQWL

Many of us are unaware of the expansion of Indian railway ticket booking status. Some of the most common shortforms and their expanded forms are listed below.
RAC - Reservation against Cancellation
WL - Wait list
RLWL - Remote location wait list
PQWL - Pool Qouta wait list
General Wait List and WL are one and the same. -

Railway Police Alert number and RPF helpline number - Kerala

Railway police alert number : 9846200100
RPF helpline phone number : 999504000
The above given phone numbers are important if are travelling in kerala by train. Especially if you are travelling in odd times, you may find this phone numbers helpful. Recently railway police - Kerala police filed a handful of cases against assaults happened during train journey.